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Jan 9

2019 Call To Entry

Save the Date for 2019 Call to Entry January 9-10.

Jan 14

AAF Madison 2018-19 Speaker Series: January

Participants explore unconscious bias and how it impacts business environments and work relationships.

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Feb 16

2019 American Advertising Awards

Registration Opening Soon

Apr 1

AAF Madison 2018-19 Speaker Series: April

Nikki Villagomez looks into how culture affects typography and decision-making processes in everyday life

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It's ADDY season. That's right! It's time for the American Advertising Awards. And, this year, we're celebrating creativity without limits. The AAF Madison competition is just the first step of a three-tiered national competition. Entries are open and the deadline to enter is January 10. So get your work together and show us what you've got. 

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Become a part of greater Madison’s premier network of advertising professionals.

Join us at an upcoming event, learn best practices for working smarter, help us work toward elevating our industry in our community and become energized and inspired along the way.

AAF Madison is one of 200 local clubs that make up the American Advertising Federation, a national organization that is dedicated to protecting and promoting the well being of advertising. Through its grassroots network, the AAF keeps members abreast of the latest trends in the industry, honors and celebrates advertising excellence, promotes diversity and inlcusion, develops future leaders, protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government and much, much more.